Machine learning education

Конструктор программного окружения для образовательных курсов по машинному обучению и глубокому обучению.

Machine learning
A pre-configured and fully integrated software stack with PyTorch, an open source machine learning library, and Python 2.7. It provides a stable and tested execution environment for training, inference, or running as an API service. The stack can be easily integrated into continuous integration and deployment workflows. It is designed for short and long-running high-performance tasks and optimized for running on NVidia GPU.
pytorch:0.3.0, python:2.7.14, cuda:9.0.176, cudnn:7.0.5, cuda_only-nvidia_drivers:384.111, selfmanagement_preset, development_preset:1
Course stanford
The pre-configured and ready-to-use runtime environment for the CS231n course - Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition, Stanford University, Spring 2017. It includes latest versions of Python 2, TensorFlow, and PyTorch. The stack also includes CUDA and cuDNN, and is optimized for running on NVidia GPU.
stanford-cs231n-course:1617spring, tensorflow:1.5.0, pytorch:0.3.0, keras:2.1.2, python:2.7.14, cuda:9.0.176, cudnn:7.0.5, cuda_only-nvidia_drivers:384.111